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FleaGone Dog Collar

FleaGone Dog Collar

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Introducing our new Pet Ultrasonic Insect Repeller, the cutting-edge solution to protect your pet from harmful pests and diseases. With the rise of pests like fleas, mosquitoes, and other disease-carrying insects, keeping your pet safe and healthy has never been more important.

Our ultrasonic insect repeller is a safe and effective way to shield your pet from the dangers of these pests. Unlike other repellents that emit harmful gases or rely on chemical effects, our product utilizes ultrasonic vibrations to create a protective barrier for your furry friend. The ultrasonic waves produced by the repeller work to disturb and repel fleas, mosquitoes, and other pests, ensuring your pet remains pest-free throughout the day.

Installation is a breeze - simply hang the repeller directly on your pet's collar and let it work its magic. The continuous production of ultrasonic vibrations will keep pests at bay without causing any adverse effects on your furry companion. Say goodbye to the discomfort and itching caused by pest bites, as our ultrasonic repeller provides a preventative measure against these troublesome insects.

Operating the repeller is simple. To turn it on, open the battery cover and insert the required three AG13 batteries or remove the insulation film. The indicator light will signal that the product is operational and will continue to work until it stops running. When it's time for a battery change, use a screwdriver to open the battery cover, replace the old batteries with new AG13 batteries, ensuring the positive battery is facing the correct direction.

Additionally, our repeller boasts eight frequency options, allowing you to customize the deworming mode best suited for your pet's needs. Easily adjust the mode using the user-friendly heavy button, giving you complete control over the repeller's operation. This versatile device can effectively expel not just fleas, but also scorpions, mosquitoes, mice, and other unwanted pests, ensuring your pet's safety from a wide range of common pests.

Invest in the well-being of your beloved pet with our Pet Ultrasonic Insect Repeller. Protect them from harmful pests and the diseases they carry, such as the dreaded Lyme disease. Don't compromise when it comes to your pet's health - choose a safe, effective, and chemical-free solution. Order our ultrasonic insect repeller today and provide your pet with the ultimate protection against pests.

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