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Mini Smart Gps Tracker

Mini Smart Gps Tracker

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1. This product is small and exquisite, easy to carry, and can be widely used after binding with other smart devices such as mobile phones or IPADs
2.It is applicable to the anti loss and search of wallets, keys, briefcases, pets, gift boxes and other items.
3. Intelligent anti-loss search: automatically record the location of items lost, when the device is disconnected from the mobile phone, the software map will automatically record the location, through the map to find the positioning record, when the effective range is reached, the device and the mobile phone will automatically reconnect, click the look for button, easily retrieve the lost items.
4. Super power consumption and environmental protection: with the new Bluetooth4.0 low power consumption technology, a CR2032 button cell can last for 6 months.

Usage steps:

1. Please turn on the Bluetooth function of your phone

2.  Press and hold the iFindU photo button for 3 seconds to turn on the machine, and enter the automatic registration mode after hearing two drops.

3.  Please click + in the registration interface and put ifindu close to the mobile phone. Ifindu will automatically match with the mobile phone.

4. After the phone searches for iFindU, you can change the name by yourself, and you can click to achieve Bluetooth connection.

5. After iFindU is connected with the Bluetooth of the mobile phone, you can start to find objects, anti-loss, map positioning, selfie, look for mobile phones, etc.

6. If you need to turn off ifindu, in the non connected state, quickly press the Photo button for five times, and turn it off after hearing didi three times.

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